The Bench

I wrote this poem in March of 2020. Some time has passed since then, and I have grown a lot. Both in skill and in character. There are some things that I would change about the poem to make it better, but I’ve decided to share it unaltered. Let it serve as something to compare my more current poems to.

The point is quite simple – it is a reminder that sometimes you need to slow down and live the moment. Be present where you are, and see the beauty in the world around you.


I walked along a winding path

In tense anticipation

I saw a bench, and moved on past

No time for static contemplation


“I needs must know what lies ahead”

My rationale dictated

It rang so loud within my head

All other thoughts were faded


I felt uneasy and perplexed

And both my hands were shaking

At every turn I was so vexed

My will and body almost breaking


The trees were rushing past me

Like walls on left and right

My breath was ragged – ghastly

Each step became a vicious fight


At last, there came a breaking point

I could not carry on

I felt a flame in every joint

All of my strength was gone


And then I fell, in agony

Submitting to the wind

It seemed a dire tragedy

With rage, my heart was filled


I lay there, empty, flaccid

Ready to despair

The dirt, it felt like acid

None of this felt fair


Then I let myself release

And simply lay in waiting

And out of nowhere, I felt peace

My pain and wrath abating


I saw a world of beauty

Around me, everywhere

Remembering my duty

I breathed the fresh, clean, air


It filled my lungs with fire

It gave me strength and life

I stood again, but higher

Forgetting all my strife


I turned around and shuffled

Looking all around

I was completely baffled

By what I had just found


I realized the green and blue

The branches and the stems

I saw the world completely new

As filled with precious gems


And then I found the bench again

And entered its’ embrace

It was to me a good old friend

Reminding me of grace


-Nikolay Terekhin


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