Blog Update and Plans

Hello there!

Though I do not have that many views, I would like to share a little update for the sake of consistency. First, let me address the “special something” that I mentioned in a post last week – my plans have been offset by some unexpected circumstances. I do not know whether I will decide to continue the project I was working on so things are up in the air, as far as that goes.

As for my activity on the blog as a whole, I have slowed down for the holidays. This is a very important time for my family, and we are spending it together. Until next week, I will continue having an irregular posting rate. I might make one or two posts, but there will be no daily posting. After New Years, however, I plan to resume with more vigor than before.

Once I begin working on the blog again, I plan to introduce a little more variety and create more consistency. I will continue to work on the “Absence” series, though I may rename it to something more suitable. I will also share one-off stories, poems, photographs, and perhaps even songs. I love to create; and, I want this blog to be a place where I can share the fruits of that creativity with you.

Though the day has passed, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

…and a Happy New Year!


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