The Valley – Part 3

The valley was so large that Sevir, while looking at it from the south end, could only see an outline of the mountains in the north. There was also, in fact, a large portion of the valley that Sevir could not see. It was hidden behind the mountains as a result of the valley’s bean-likeContinue reading “The Valley – Part 3”

The Valley – Part 2

The sky was like a canvas for the sunrise. Tendrils of orange spread across the clouds whilst rays of gold pierced through them and bathed the white mountain peaks with light. The morning mist lay over the earth and a slight breeze tugged at the trees. The sun looked over the mountains in the eastContinue reading “The Valley – Part 2”

The Valley – Part 1

Sevir felt his pulse in his head and his heart pounding in his chest. He constantly had to adjust his grip because his hands were sweaty. His arms and feet felt heavy. His breath was weak and unsteady. He felt as though he could fall already. Though just moments ago, he thought that he was ready to scale the cliff.

The Prey

Dalibor bent over to catch his breath. His throat felt ragged, as though the air was scratching it. His heart was pounding in his chest, his head was spinning, and his calves were burning. He let his bag drop off of his shoulder and sat down next to it on the ground, which was allContinue reading “The Prey”

The Ringing of the Bells – Part 3

“By the time the rider reached Bordil, it was too late.” Captain Smoll spoke with an expression of grim formality. For all his experience, the man was clearly uneasy. He did not wake up in the morning expecting to stand before the king. Though he was of higher rank than Andre, he was unaccustomed toContinue reading “The Ringing of the Bells – Part 3”

The Ringing of the Bells – Part 2

Richard was drifting, as though a spirit, over a vast forest. The sky was clear and open above him. Below him, a sea of green. The forest continued as far as the eye could see to the west. In the east, at the edge of visibility, a mighty mountain range stretched across the horizon. BeneathContinue reading “The Ringing of the Bells – Part 2”

The Ringing of the Bells – Part 1

The city of Laketown was awakened abruptly by the ringing of bells. A thunderous roar resounded across the entire city, from the West wall to the Lake Gate and Fish Port. Every citizen was alerted, as though with shouts from above. “TREA-SON! TREA-SON! TREA-SON!” It started from the Blue Palace on Crown Hill. Then itContinue reading “The Ringing of the Bells – Part 1”