Series Wrap-up and Blog Update

After that evening when I told Nadia that I love her, we experienced a turbulent few weeks. It would make for quite the thrilling tale, but I would much rather keep it private. I prefer to preserve it so that it remains special and dear in my memory… After all of the commotion, on November 25th, Nadia told me that she loves me, I asked her to marry me, and she agreed. Three months later, we were married. Now we are ten days away from our first anniversary! The past year has been incredible, and I am very grateful to be where I am now.

This series started as a short explanation for why I wasn’t active on this blog for a long period of time. However, it quickly became much more than that. It has been great to relive the events described in this series, and to give them new life on my blog. Now, however, it is time to move forward. From now on, I will be focusing more on my niche (fantasy and science fiction). I have also changed my rate of posting. With so much going on in life, I am unable to commit to a daily posting schedule at this time. I would either have to create more time, which I physically cannot do, or lower my standards, which I absolutely will not stand for. So, I have decided to lower my post quantity and focus more on engaging in the community. Look out for my next post next week!


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