We Came, We Saw, We Loved – Part 6

I wore my light blue Monterey hoodie and jeans with a jacket on top. In my passenger seat lay a bouquet of 31 white and coral pink roses. In my chest, my heart was racing. As I laid out my plan for the day in my mind, I prayed for wisdom and courage. I was on my way to my third date with Nadia.

This was going to be the day that I would ask Nadia to officially be my girlfriend and for us to begin moving our relationship towards engagement and marriage. The plan went as follows: I would arrive and we would have lunch and tea. Then, we would go stop by the school where Nadia’s father worked for me to speak with him. I would talk to him about my intentions and plans for my relationship with Nadia. After this, provided that he would grant his approval, I would have a similar conversation with her. Then we would get some coffee and go for a walk at Bellingham Bay, and then go back to their house to watch a movie. It was quite a simple plan and there was nothing complicated to it. Yet, I was anxious about its execution.

Nadia, of course, was not aware of everything. All she knew was that I wanted to speak with her father, that we would go to Bellingham Bay, and that we would watch a movie. Naturally, I was worried. I wondered whether she would happily accept my request or awkwardly deny it and say that it came too soon. There were a million ways that the day could go, and it seemed as though I played them all out in my head on my drive up north. The way it really would go, however, I never imagined…

Dear reader, thank you so much for reading my story! I hope that I am able to offer you something of worth with my content. I am grateful for all of the views, and I hope that I can continue sharing my stories with you! If you find my content to be enjoyable and interesting, I would really appreciate it if you show your support by subscribing to my blog, leaving a comment, or perhaps even sharing my posts.

As we approach Christmas, I will have shorter posts this week. However, I am preparing something special which I hope to share on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to check out my content. To see what happens next in the story, look for my next post tomorrow.


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